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The Art of Range podcast provides education through conversation with some of the brightest minds in rangeland management and livestock production. Washington State University rangelands and livestock specialist Tip Hudson interviews researchers, ranchers, and resource professionals to bring you extended discussion on topics that are of interest to anyone in rangelands work. A new episode releases every two weeks. This project is funded by a grant from the Western Center for Risk Management Education.

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AoR 72: James Rickert on Closed Herds, Open Abattoirs, and Creative Grazing (Part 1)

Ranch sustainability requires land care that works for the long haul and management that makes a profit more years than not.

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AoR 75: Why Does Soil Organic Matter Matter?, Doug Collins & Andy McGuire, Part 2

Soil organic matter is considered an indicator of soil health, there are numerous methods promoted for building it, SOM is credited with the potential to alleviate greenhouse gas increase, but Andy & Doug say the way we've understood SOM is perhaps an artifact of the old ways of measuring it.

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