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The Art of Range podcast provides education through conversation with some of the brightest minds in rangeland management and livestock production. Washington State University rangelands and livestock specialist Tip Hudson interviews researchers, ranchers, and resource professionals to bring you extended discussion on topics that are of interest to anyone in rangelands work. A new episode releases every two weeks. This project is funded by a grant from the Western Center for Risk Management Education.

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AoR 68: Wildland Stream Bacteria Forensics Science in Idaho, Part 1

Microbial source tracking has gained accuracy in the last decade, and a multidisciplinary team at University of Idaho recently used MST methods to help US Forest Service managers identify causes of contamination of a stream listed by regulatory authorities for high bacteria.

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AoR 70: Soil Carbon and Social Networks with Peter Donovan

How to measure soil carbon, influence soil carbon, and influence others to care about soil carbon has motivated Peter Donovan for nearly three decades now.

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