AoR 62: Ashley Hibbard, Artistry on the Range

Ashley Hibbard may seem an unlikely rancher, but she may do more to change minds about ranching than most who seem more likely advocates. Ashley, whom astute listeners will remember from the Women in Ranching Forum from SRM's 2020 annual meeting, runs an artist-in-residency program on the Sieben Live Stock Company home place in central Montana. Good art can bypass bad logic, and the beauty of ranching done well affects even those who think ranching is detrimental to both humans and the planet. Listen to Ashley tell her story in this interview.

Mentioned Resources

Ashley and Cooper are featured in a Montana Land Reliance video series, "Stewardship with Vision."

Women in Ranching recording: Art-of-range – Aor-036-srm-09-womeninranching

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