AoR 66: Livestock Price Risk Management with Jack Field & Shannon Neibergs

The future ain't what it used to be: there are more price risks and stressors on cattle markets than ever, and the predictability of cattle markets is at an all-time low. Livestock insurance is not new but is recently gaining adoption as a reliable risk tool to prevent catastrophic financial losses and prepare for uncertainties such as drought. Listen to Jack Field, with CKP Insurance, discuss insurance products with Dr. Shannon Neibergs, WSU livestock economist and director for the Western Center for Risk Management Education. For more information, contact Jack directly at or (509) 929-1711 .

Transcript: coming soon

Mentioned Resources

US Drought Monitor

USDA Risk Management Agency website on the Livestock Risk Protection program

Here is a 2020 presentation by Dr. Neibergs comparing risk protection tools

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