AoR 17: Jason Karl, Big Data for Big Landscapes — Detecting Change with Remote Sensing

AoR 16: Shannon Neibergs, Livestock Risk Management Tools

AoR 15: Ethan Lane, Monitoring to Tell an Environmental Story

AoR 14: Jeff Herrick, Rangeland Monitoring for the 21st Century

AoR 13: Sherman Swanson, Rangeland Monitoring for Adaptive Management

AoR 12: Nathan Sayre, Politics of Scale—A History of Rangeland Science

AoR 11: Barry Perryman, Back to the Future with Applied Research to Control Cheatgrass

AoR 10: Matt Reeves, Rangeland Forage Prediction Tools

AoR 9: Lynn Huntsinger, Ranching as a Conservation Strategy

AoR 8: Karen Launchbaugh, Targeted Grazing to Control Weeds

AoR 7: Ken Tate, Challenges in Public Lands Grazing

AoR 6: Jack Southworth, Adaptive Stocking for Ranch Resiliency

AoR 5: Kirk Davies, Invasive Annual Grass Management

AoR 4: Fred Provenza, Matching Animal to Environment

AoR 3: Floyd Reed, Landscape Change Over Time

AoR 2: Karen Launchbaugh, Grazing Management Fundamentals

AoR 1: Karen Launchbaugh, Grazing Philosophy

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