AoR 53: Matt Germino, Rangeland Fire Ecological Risks & Benefits

AoR 52: Fire Risk Reduction Through Grazing -- UC-Davis Research Roundtable

AoR 51: Matt Germino, Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling on Rangelands

AoR 50: Cliff Mass, 2050 Climate in the Northwest

AoR 49: Steve Fransen, How Grass Grows is More Exciting Than You Think

AoR 48: Andres Cibils on Heritage Breeds, Animal Sensors, and Optimizing Livestock Production

AoR 47: Derek Bailey, The Holy Grail of Grazing--Livestock Distribution Principles and Practices

AoR 46: Matt Reeves, Fuelcasting: A West-Wide Rangeland Fuel Assessment

AoR 45: James Rogers, Leadership in Managing Rangelands for People

AoR 44: SRM Symposium, Adaptive Management of Burned Rangeland

AoR 43: Dr. Lauren Porensky, Embracing Complexity and Humility in Rangeland Science

AoR 42: Dr. Leslie Roche, socio-ecological systems--emphasizing the human dimensions

AoR 41: Stewart Breck & Matt Barnes, Livestock-Predator Interactions

AoR 40: Sara Place, Connections Between Rural Producers and Urban Consumers

AoR 39: Katie Wollstein, Outcome-Based Grazing to Address Wildfire Risk on Idaho Rangelands

AoR 38: Neal Wilkins, Science to Action--Communication Needs of the 21st-C Range Manager

AoR 37: Karim-Aly S. Kassam, Transdisciplinary Research, Indigenous Knowledge, & Wicked Problems

AoR 36: Women In Ranching, SRM Forum

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